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Are you tired of hardship and have decided to completely change your life, but you are frightened by the prospect of change and the associated difficulties?
This is natural. Everyone who makes the decision to work and live abroad has such doubts. This is where our team comes to the rescue, helping you and your family to organise your move and life in Poland.

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Golden Company 2023 - HP Group - Employment agency Poznań
Golden Company 2023

With our experience and skills, we will be able to take care of you and your family. Our staff will not only help with the move, but will also select the right job for you and help you settle the related formalities. In addition, we will help you find accommodation and organise your daily life.

We know that it is difficult in a foreign country, without knowing the regulations and procedures, to finalise all the formalities related to the legalisation of your stay and work in Poland. We are ready to provide all the help and support you and your family need to stay legally in Poland.

We are committed to providing a friendly, family-oriented and warm atmosphere to all those who decide to cooperate with our company.

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